Free Printable Minion themed Chore Chart

On a normal day my kids will avoid doing chores like the plague; they’re teenagers. Having a written list makes things a lot easier. So for my kids and for yours, here is a free printable Minion themed Chore Chart. With this fun free printable, I don’t have to remind my kids every day to get their chores done. While chores aren’t always fun, my girls enjoy the minion theme. To make this chore chart light-hearted there is a minion dressed as a maid in the upper right hand corner.

The chart has a place for your child’s name and a line for putting in what week it is. Then there are several lines from putting in the different chores.

Free Printable Minion themed Chore Chart

There is a box for each day of the week that your child can check-off once their work has been completed. Just hang this fun freebie where your kids can see it and let them know that they need to complete their list before they go off and do anything fun.

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