Free Printable Heart-shaped Ocean and Beach Art

Are you looking for a some fun beach themed printables for summer? Here is a set of ocean and beach heart shaped printables. These printables have both sea creatures and boat equipment arranged in the shape of a heart. Some examples of the items are jelly fish, starfish, life preservers, fish, anchors, coral and sea shells. The ocean-inspired printables were originally created in water color which adds to the ocean, beach, summer theme.

There are 3 different variations of this printable that you can use in your decorating. There is a plain white background, an aged and rustic wood plank background and a white-washed wood background. These rustic, nautical-themed free printables are perfect for the beach-lover in your life.   These work great with a frame. You could grab one at the dollar store to keep it inexpensive. After framing these free ocean heart shaped printables, add them to a beach themed room in your house or decorate with them during summer. You can download and view the free printable variations at the link below.



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