Free Printable Halloween Lunch Box Notes

Halloween is such a fun time for kids (and us grown-ups)! Picking out that perfect costume and getting to decorate are both big things in our house once October rolls around. These Free Printable Halloween Lunch Box Notes are a perfect way to keep the excitement going while your kiddos are off at school for the day. Decorating their lunch can add to the fun and excitement too! These free Halloween lunchbox notes are kindly shared by Kelli on FreebieFindingMom. 

Free Printable Halloween Lunch Box Notes

If you homeschool like we do, you can cut these cute little notes out and leave them around the house for your kids to find, maybe attach them to a mirror, on the back door, inside a toy box, anywhere! Or maybe tuck them away in a book or leave one on their pillow at the end of the day. You can visit Kelli’s site and get these awesome Halloween Lunch Box notes by clicking download below.

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Awesome Halloween decorations!!

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