Frequently Asked Questions:

Printables are fun, but sometimes downloads, printing, special folds and assembling can be confusing. We’ve assembled a list of questions and answers to try to help your use of these free items go as smoothly as possible.

How do I download Free Printables?

Each post Links to a site page that has a printable you can download. On that page there is a download button or link to download. Since each site owner may have a slightly different process for downloading. I describe tips for downloading that printable in my post!

Can you send me the free downloads through email?

Unfortunately I don’t have the time or resources to send each individual user download files. Your ability to download depends on your computer or device and your individual browser settings.

The file I downloaded says ZIP file and it won’t print?

Many downloads contain multiple files. A site owner, including myself may “package” their downloads to provide all their download content in one file. This set of files is packaged and compressed into a zip file. You will need to unzip this file using your computer’s built in software or a free application to open the files that you can open and print.

Can you print the free printables for me? 

This site offers links to free printables and graphics for download only. These printables are meant for visitors to print themselves. You may be able to find a print service to help you with printing but that is not guaranteed.

The colors aren’t printing correctly!

This could be do to a variety of issues with your printer, computer or software. Usually color issues have to do with a printer issue such as low ink in one color or another. All colors that are created in your printable are mixed from 3 primary colors and black. Usually Black has it’s own ink cartridge and then the 3 colors (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) are combined into one other cartridge. If you are low or out of any 3 this may give you inaccurate colors on your printables.

Here are a few tips:

– Check if the printable opens correctly, if not try downloading again.

– If your printable opens fine, try looking at it in the print preview. Before hitting print, most applications will allow you to see a small preview of how it will look when printed. If it looks correct then you can move on to checking your printer. If not, it make be a compatibility issue with the software you are using to open the file. – With your printer you might: check ink levels, try the printers cleaning utility if lines are appearing, restart the printer. Please keep in mind that these are all suggestions intended to help. I can’t provide you tech support for your computer, software or printer.

Can you make changes to your free printables for my party? 

Free printables and graphics are provided as is. Some of the recommended sites may have additional services where they will create custom items but that depends on each individual site.

When I try to print this file it cuts off the edges of the artwork.

Some of the files are designed so that they can be printed on larger printers if you want. For example taking the file to a local print service and printing your own larger ones there. These files can still be print at home correctly but you will need to adjust your printer settings. There is usually a “scale to fit” or “fit to page” option in your printer settings. Also your printer may have a print preview option where you can make adjustments.

Can I send you ideas for free artwork and printables?

Yes! I love receiving ideas for printables and party themes. There is no guarantee I will get to creating your idea in time for a party or event but I write great ideas down and make a great effort to get them on the site. Contact me here with your great ideas!

My scrapbooking software won’t work with PDF can you make JPG files instead? 

Many printables are in PDF format to offer high quality prints and artwork at small file sizes. JPG or JPEG are quite a bit larger. If your personal software is not compatible with PDF file you can always convert them into a different file format using an online file conversion service such as pdf2jpg.net

Where is the print button? 

These free printables and graphic downloads are not designed to be printed on the site. However some sites may offer their downloads to be printed directly in the browser. To print you may need to open the file in an application on your computer or device and send to your printer.

What kind of printer is best?

For small jobs an inkjet printer will do fine! There are many good inkjet printers and I’ve had very dependable HP inkjet printers such as this one. In our house we use the printer for birthdays, holidays, homeschool, craft projects, and all sorts of other artistic ventures so it made sense to invest in a laser printer.

Our laser printer was not a huge price jump over a standard inkjet printer and it has paid for itself over and over again in how much full color pages it can print without needed replacement cartridges often. So if you think you will be doing a lot of printables, artwork or paper crafts, I recommend checking out this HP laserjet printer.